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At Rincon Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation, our goal is to take restorative measures to help our patients reclaim their functional independence. It’s a pretty straightforward approach, really. But by no means is it simple. See, each and every patient we evaluate and treat faces a variety of challenges that are unique, not only to their injury, but also to their day-to-day lives. So, when we ‘see’ a new patient, like you, we strive to see the entirety of your situation.

Initial physiatry evaluation will involve a complete medical assessment of your symptoms, including pain, musculoskeletal injuries, soft tissue injuries, and neurological impairments. From there, we create a tailored plan to treat your symptoms. But, since this is a dynamic process, we will continue to monitor your progress over time, and change your treatment plan as needed – all in the name of improving your quality of life.

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